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Speech by CEO of Vinatoken - Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai

Speech by CEO of Vinatoken - Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai

At the anniversary 10 years of VINATOKEN’S SUCCESS – 10 years Hand in hand with Vietnamese’s businessmen – 10 years Success of Vietnamese’s businessmen, Nguyen Thi Lai - CEO of Vinatoken - as well is the founder of company Vinatoken, shared her secret of success in the past 10 years and Vinatoken oriented development in the future.

At that day, the first words Mrs. Lai would like to say welcome and sincere thanks to the cooperation and the accompanying growth of our customers and partners for 10 years.

CEO of Vinatoken - Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai

CEO of Vinatoken - Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai shared:

"Time is the most effective test, is the most effective way to see what the business had to do, to realize what's a business that had said, and they have done it or not. And indeed, to get today, Vinatoken not just simply say, or simply silently just merely sell and buy, not intentionally, no orientation, no specific strategy clear. I had to wrestle, was once thought scruples, had run to seek help, advice from friends, the seniors, masters, successful predecessors before him, I draw for my lessons, I soi we learn, so I applied to major corporate organizations Vinatoken. And perhaps it also helped Vinatoken get success it is today. I do not dare to assert themselves successfully, it also was a bit far for the goals that I set for your business. But look at what Vinatoken, collective Vinatoken, large family Vinatoken have done, they have gained a little Vinatoken achievements to reward yourself. And moreover, the Vinatoken customers, businesses, friends and loyal parallel Vinatoken contributed to the organization of his business a good business model, serving the needs useful for society, the growth contribution of domestic manufacturing sector, and create jobs for many workers of Vietnam. Therefore, the success of 10 years, not only of Vinatoken, but also the success of entrepreneurs, the leading manufacturer of wet towels, wet towels for the whole industry. "


In the past 10 years, has consistently Vinatoken business development oriented

hinh fish tieng anh-01

Mrs. Lai awarded the 45 commemorative medal 45 outstanding enterprises, was faithful, accompany Vinatoken go oriented INNOVATION GROWTH– PIONEERING DISCOVERY – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Resolutely not chasing immediate profit, business-quality products, with criteria and product guarantee standard 3 GOOD.

3 TOT tieng anh-01

Mrs Lai said: "Lessons I learned from my masters is the passion," pursuing of passion, success will chase you ". This saying, I always reminded myself in every job I do, have always come from passionate, passionate business oriented sustainable development, not chasing immediate profit; passionate about developing a sustainable business Vietnam, community development, and serve the society. And the most recently the staff - person Vinatoken, the personnel contributed to the development of Vinatoken in 10 years. person bold beauty of the Personality person Vinatoken - Faithful with the Customer, Loyalwith the Company, Honest with Colleague. With such good personalities, gave Vinatoken to accomplish today. Today, I am pleased to welcome the 22 trophies awarded in recognition of contributions and good wishes to give 22 Vinatoken excellent staff."

Sales Excellence - NGUYEN THI KHANH DUY

Sales Excellence - NGUYỄN THỊ KHÁNH DUY

CROSS THE SEA TO SUCCESS Doan Trinh - Tuan Vu - Thanh Thuy - Thuy Duyen - Hoang Kim - Phuong Thao - Thanh Thuy - GD Ong Le Hoang Son


(Đoan Trinh – Tuấn Vũ – Thanh Thủy – Thùy Duyên – Hoàng Kim – Phương Thảo – Thanh Thúy – GĐ Ông Lê Hoàng Sơn)

THE SAIL PICK WINDTO GET SUCCESS Hng Lan Minh ng Thy Nga L Th Mu Ngc Sang c Thnh CEO B Nguyn Th Lai


(Hương Lan, Minh Đăng, Thúy Nga, Lê Thị Màu, Ngọc Sang, Đức Thạnh, CEO Bà Nguyễn Thị Lai)

STRONGLYEXCEED THE SEA TO GET SUCCESS Quang Thnh  Hong Phc  c Hng  Tn Khanh  CEO B Nguyn Th Lai


(Quang Thành – Hoàng Phúc – Đức Hưng – Tấn Khanh – CEO Bà Nguyễn Thị Lai)

Closing speech, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Lai once again affirmed with passion business oriented sustainable development, consistent business products meet Standard 3 GOOD, and constantly strive to Vinatoken forever BRIDGE LEADS TO SUCCESS

cau noi dan loi thanh cong tieng anh-01

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