Over 120 high skilled employees and the quality standards of ISO, FDA, GMP for our products, Vinatoken is committed to providing the best International quality standards for all products.


As being a reputation brand over 17 years, Vinatoken is enjoyable of the International supports form our network that are the most experienced and famous suppliers in the non-woven industry. It is also our crucial key success for our high- quality products to achieve the International standards.


Thank to our strong financial Stability and high competitive advantages from our distribution channels, Vinatoken is cherish a dream to expand their business not merely across Vietnam, but also over the globe.


Our manufacter system is managed by the quality control procedure of CE, ISO, FDA …etc; therefore, Vinatoken always comply with processes and practices to ensure conformity to customers with the highest quality products.


Our customers is very diversified from the SMEs to Large Enterprises, domestic to international Markets, Traders to Suppliers. Vinatoken always offers the equal business environment to collaborate and cooperate for all customers.


Non-woven fabrics provide specific functios such as: high absorbency from 0.5 second to 1 second, and hydration that suit for manufacturing wipe. Besides, the softness and anti- pilling characteristics of non-woven do not cause irritation and allergies for sensitive skin. The properties of resilience and stretch are undercontrolled by the mix of components during the manufature process in order to producing the desirable finishes on non-woven.

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Non-woven materials for medical applicatons offer numerous advatages properties such as: cushioning, sponge, softness, eco-friendly materials, and degradable. Moreover, non woven medical textiles have become high capability in printing as a result of fade resistant characteristic in conjunction with bacterial protection, liquid repellency, thus it is very indispensably important in surgery and medicine.

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Artificial sweetener is a substance that is replace with sugar cane  added to food or drink to impact the flavor of sweetness without calories. It would benefit from controlling calories, especially for diabetic patients. Today, sweetener ‘s applicatons are more and more popular in low or non-calories food.

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Paper is extracted from natural woodpulp so inherited the property of high absorbing which is applied on qualified wipe products, cotton pads, paper masks, sanitary wipes in medical industry…etc

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As a result of her great contributions to the economy and society, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai – Director General of Vinatoken has received the award “ASEAN TYPICAL LEADER 2022”.

Which is an annual and alternate award held in Southeast Asian countries. The prize aims to choose the outstanding individuals from the big Enterprises who were assessed and selected by the Vietnam Research and Development Center in collaboration with the other International organizations that focuses on the criteria of   managing and having a strong impact to society. On the other hand, the program points encouragement at the big brands as well as the reputation of typical businessmen

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On April 23rd, 2022, Vinatoken Technology and Trading Co., Ltd was honored in the top 10 “ASEAN Strong Brands 2022 – Asean Brands Award 2022” by the Asia Business Centre in collaboration with the Asia Ind’s Information Promote Association – AIPA organized the event which was held at Military Theater – Ho Chi Minh City.
The award honored the reputable Vietnamese brands which have made great contributions to the country’s economy and honored the enterprises that have achieved great accomplishment in improving product and service quality, competitiveness and operational efficiency, integrating with new trends of the regional and world economy.

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On May 11th, Vinatoken Technology and Trading Co., Ltd celebrated its 17th Anniversary (From May 11th, 2005 to May 11th, 2022) which was located at Riverside Palace, the event had the theme “17th Anniversary of Vinatoken – A remarkable journey”.

The company laid the first foundation for the nonwoven fabric industry and led the nonwoven fabric business in Vietnam. In spite of facing many difficulties, from financial ability to material facilities and the competition in the market, Vinatoken has overcome to affirm its brand and position and contributed to the success and development of the company.

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