Strategy for choosing diapers, for families and for babies

1. Instructions on choosing diapers, diapers economical for families and baby safety

Choose reusable cloth diapers or disposable diapers
Currently, parents are interested in choosing disposable diapers or washable cloth diapers for reuse. What are the benefits and disadvantages of these 2 types?

Disposable diapers, the big problem here is the cost. On average, 1 year will cost you VND 20-40 million for changing diapers, depending on the number of trips per day and the brand you buy.

Meanwhile, with cloth diapers you invest once, but you can reuse for an average of its 2-3 year lifespan depending on the brand you buy. This, you will reduce costs by 50% compared to disposable diapers.

The big problem with cloth diapers is that cleaning the laundry can burden you but now the diapers are in the washing machine, so the problem is solved for mothers. Hearing your child’s urine is one of the most common complaints. However, today, many companies develop cloth diapers that have many advantages to make it easy to use and make your baby as comfortable as you need to insert a pad (the fabric is increased to increase permeability). , the fabric that touches the baby’s buttocks has a waterproof coating to lock in moisture, or a stain-free fabric can be washed easily.


2. Cost-saving strategy when using a disposable diaper

Don’t buy too many newborn diapers because, in fact, babies grow faster than you think. Even, some babies are born big and have to use size 1, instead of newborn size. Here are the steps to help you measure your costs best:
1. If your baby is born with a weight of 2.5-3.6 kg, then 40 diapers are suitable. When the baby is older, it becomes more convenient to change the diaper to size 1. In Vietnam, the size of a diaper can be classified by age like a diaper for an infant (<1 year old) or a toddler (> 1 year) and by size such as size S, M or L.

2. Try different brands to find the right brand for your baby is recommended for young mothers. For example, there are diapers for diapers or diapers, diapers for diapers. Therefore, you should consult your salesperson to understand the uses and how each type works.

3. After finding the appropriate brand, you should consult the prices at some websites, online shops and supermarkets. Do not forget you can find the preferential discount rates attached to these sales channels, so you will save big spending.

3. Questions parents care about using diapers, diapers for babies (disposable diapers or cloth diapers)
1. Does wearing diapers (diapers) cause problems with hip growth or make the legs bent?

Currently, there is no scientific evidence linking the use of disposable diapers or diapers to the abnormal development of bent hips or legs.

About baby’s legs are bent, parents should understand the following: The physiological curvature in children usually happens in young children, the curvature will gradually straighten when the child turns 2-3 years old and after 7-10 years old the baby’s legs are completed. all normal. If the baby’s leg is bent a little after the age, it still does not affect the health and mobility of the baby. However, the curvature of your legs may be due to a potential underlying medical problem (e.g., vitamin D deficiency), so if after 2 years of age your curvature does not appear to improve, you should consult. Pediatric specialist.

2. Wearing diapers, diapers can affect the male genital development?

Currently, there is no scientific evidence linking the wearing of diapers (diapers) to the abnormal development of the male reproductive system.

3. Some parents who use cloth diapers are also interested in how to wash cloth diapers for reuse.

· Cloth diapers (diapers) purchased should be washed at least 2 times before using for babies to remove wax on the fabric and help the fabric absorbent.

· Can be washed by machine, but do not put too much load for one wash, preferably less than 24 pieces / wash to ensure diapers are clean.

· Use unscented and colorless soap. Babies with a history of allergy should use soap without skin irritants.

· Do not use fabric softener because it will reduce the life and permeability of cloth diapers.

· It is best to dry cloth diapers in the sun. If using a dryer, check if the cloth diaper is resistant to heat adjustment of the dryer.


4. Some parents using disposable diapers are interested in causing skin redness, skin burns because the material of disposable diapers is not good for baby skin?

TS.BS. Kara Shah, Department of Dermatology, University of Cincinnati, USA, reported: disposable diapers will not release chemicals such as acids or bases that irritate or burn the skin as rumored because the materials used are inert substances (without chemical reactions). Moreover, before the product is intended for use by children, it has been subject to quality control by the manufacturing company and the quality management agency. The chemical secretions that change the baby’s pH level also proved to be unfounded. TS report. Kara Shah was published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics in 2017, pages 13-17 and stated that the results of the report are completely independent and do not have any relation to any brand of diaper used. ever.


Depending on the economy and the convenience of you and your family, you choose cloth diapers or disposable diapers for babies. With the current evidence, there is no difference in causing skin irritation in both types. Imported diapers do not have a difference in quality from internal diapers if the brand is the same. Avoid choosing diapers with strange labels or foreign languages ​​that readers do not understand. Choose the most economical type because diapers are items that cost you a lot of money in the first 2 years.