How to use infant diapers more effectively and economically.

The first time you are pregnant, the preparation for delivery can confuse you, typically the choice of diapers for your baby. Concepts such as what are newborn pads and diapers, what are the features of each type, how to use them both effectively and economically … is definitely a question of many mothers. To better understand the infant diaper and prepare for the outpouring, please refer to the information below!

Distinguishing newborn pads and diapers, simpler than I thought!

There are two main product lines for babies: newborn pads and diapers. Basically, newborn pads are designed simply as a sanitary pad, used by sticking to diaper pants. Newborn diapers are designed with straps on both sides of the body fixed like a pair of pants, which can be used directly without using diapers.

In terms of absorbency, newborn pads and diapers are designed with a specific purpose. Newborn pads are designed with multi-hole surface to help absorb rubber, liquid stool effectively during the first time your baby has a lot of dirty bowel movements and has to change diapers regularly. Meanwhile, newborn diapers with longer usage time have good absorbency and spill resistance, especially those applied on surface technology such as 3D corrugated surface which is pressed with diamond groove, helping The fluid penetrates quickly, spreads evenly and is tightly locked in the absorbent core, preventing diaper rash or lumps.

Softness is also a characteristic element in newborn diaper lines. In terms of cost, newborn pads are more simple, so they are cheaper than newborn diapers.

Combining “light up darkening lining” helps reduce spending by half, effectively doubling

When your baby is still having a lot of urine, newborn pads will be an economical option for you. Mothers should use baby pads during the day, when they have time to observe to change diapers every time the baby has a bowel movement. However, in the evening, when the baby needs a deep, seamless sleep until the morning, the mother should use a newborn diaper with good absorbency and spill resistance, helping her baby’s bottom to be dry, clean all night. . Mom will also have more time to rest when not having to wake up to change your baby’s diapers constantly.

Therefore, the formula of combining morning pads and diapers for the evening – “lightening pads with dark stickers” will make using diapers more effective and economical.

Wishing you a smart and right choice, so that your “friend” of diapers will take care of your baby from the very first days of life!