VISION To deliver the valuable goods to community with our respect, love and responsibility.
BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY Vinatoken desires to become one of the most favourite brands in every region and territory. Therefore, we keep in our mind that the quality and innovation are always our most important companions. We act with customer-centered approach and commit to respond to all their needs.

Consumer: Assuring quality with competitive price, respecting the business ethics and complying with laws.
Communities: To contribute to the communities in which we operate through sponsorship programs and targeted community development activities.

Partners: To create sustainable value for supply chain partners through products. We aim to provide equitable returns for all and also contribute to improving processes both in productivity and qualitative output, for sustainable development.
People: To develop the skills and capabilities of our people to meet the professional demands of their work and satisfy their personal needs.


Vinatoken always wants the relationship between suppliers and customers to become friends, together create value and benefit for both parties.

Quality Policy

Good for consumers
Good for the environment
Good for Vietnamese brands

The enterprise is at the forefront of developing non-woven fabrics for wet towel production, contributing to economic development

Actively invest in expanding exports of home-made finished products to new markets.

Awarded Vinatoken – Quality Supplier 2012, by World Trade Alliance.


− Customer: Product quality is always the top belief serving human life

− Community: looking forward to participating and contributing to the programs towards the community and society

– Partner: Respect suppliers to ensure a reasonable profit through the product

− Staff: create conditions for every employee to promote creativity, dynamism, enthusiasm at work

In order for consumers, customers trust your products, you should choose manufacturers, sources of the highest quality raw materials.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai

President & General Director Vinatoken