Proud of being the pioneer in non-woven fabric supplier in Vietnam.

We are Vinatoken which specializes in manufacturing, selling and importing all kinds of non – woven materials and accessories of wet tissues, medical facilities…, sweeteners for food and beverage industry…In addition to 16 years of industry experience as a key product, we have understood the market demand to make developments and creation of finished products in direct service of consumers from existing raw materials.

We take opportunities to be in connection with a wide range of suppliers who had a great deal of experiences in the non- woven market and have continuously supported us to supply a wide range of high – quality products that come up to international standards.

As a professional raw material importer, it is our passion for product innovation that combines our efforts to the better and the best quality products. In combination with solid financial sources and competitive advantages that have been accumulated thorough the process of foundation and simultaneously understand customers’ needs, we take every step to diversify products to bring satisfaction not only to the Vietnamese market but also neighboring markets with a view to making contribution to the development of Vietnam’s economy.

We put control over strict system of quality management and make possession of ISO, FDA, GMP quality certificates.

Investment is made in expanding the export of domestic finished products to new markets.

Our customer :

  • Companies either large or small;
  • Domestic or foreign firms;
  • Individuals or organizations, groups…

When coming to us, you are going to receive a respectful and serious cooperation with all requirements within the scope that we can provide.


VINATOKEN was founded in 2005. We are one of the pioneer importers of non-woven fabrics in Vietnam and specializes in supplying the major raw materials for the wet tissue industry in the domestic market and exporting to neighboring countries.

2008: Catching up with the demand of customers in sweeteners for food service, Vinatoken has done research and selected some reliable and leading suppliers in this field to fully meet the needs of food businesses.

2010: Marking the co-operation of Vinatoken with a company with specialization in manufacturing diapers to launch the product: “Enjoy baby diaper” in compliance with European quality management standards.

2015: In recognition of the growing trend of women taking care of themselves, Vinatoken continues to cooperate with a company specializing in the production of Korean cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to launch a new step-up ampoule in the skin care industry. With experience in supplying non-woven fabric materials for mask production, Vinatoken has evolved to use bio cellulose fiber products to create coconut and bamboo masks that are completely purified of natural organic substances.

2020: After 15 years of foundation, in the period of world crisis due to the Covid -19 pandemic and bad effects on world economy, Vinatoken continuously do research and make development of the consumable medical industry such as masks, protective clothing in service of domestic demands and exporting markets to meet the requirements of quality in compliance with European and American standards…


Bring our truth value of sustainable growth and happiness to your families


Vinatoken is specialized in supplying the solutions for materials of food, medical and fast moving consumer groups categories.

To ensure our sustainable growth, all our input materials have category’s global certificates 

The enterprise is at the forefront of developing non-woven fabrics for wet towel production, contributing to economic development

Actively invest in expanding exports of home-made finished products to new markets.

Awarded Vinatoken – Quality Supplier 2012, by World Trade Alliance.


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  • Credit
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In order for consumers, customers trust your products, you should choose manufacturers, sources of the highest quality raw materials.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai

President & General Director Vinatoken

In order for consumers, customers trust your products, you should choose manufacturers, sources of the highest quality raw materials.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai

President & General Director Vinatoken