How should babies wear clothes in the summer?

In the summer, the weather is hot, uncomfortable, if wearing clothes for babies improperly can make babies uncomfortable, fussy, because their body temperature is often higher than adults. Therefore, mothers should pay attention when dressing for babies in the summer.

Always choose cool, absorbent materials

In the summer, your baby’s clothes need to be cool and comfortable. So clothes made of cotton is always the first choice when buying clothes for babies to wear. The advantages of some cotton are gentle, good absorbency, soft and does not hurt the baby’s immature skin.

In addition, mothers can choose baby linen, which has the advantage of being cool, light, soft but creased, wrinkled than cotton.

Choose short-sleeved clothes

Many mothers fear that their newborns are still weak, so they often wear long-sleeved clothes even on hot summer days. This is not necessary because the baby’s body temperature is usually higher than that of an adult. During the day, your baby should wear shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, a skirt, or a full body underwear, which will help her to be more comfortable, more comfortable, not be secretive and sweat. At night or if located in an air-conditioned room, mothers should wear long-sleeved clothes but choose thin, soft and absorbent fabric.

Prefer white clothes or light colors

Put your baby in white clothes, or light colors like blue, pink, light yellow … will bring a cool feeling, more comfortable for the baby. The darker, more prominent colors like red, orange … will make your baby dazzle or dark colors like black, brown will absorb more heat, which makes the baby hot.

The white or lighter clothes will minimize the chemical colors in the clothes, helping your baby avoid the negative effects such as irritation, skin allergies from those active ingredients.

Hats and gloves

Babies who are still breathing are still unresponsive, so they need to wear a baby hat, and also wear baby gloves to avoid getting cold. However, the baby’s head is easy to sweat, so the mother only needs to wear a top hat for the first week after birth and then let the head cool. Many mothers are afraid the baby’s head will be affected, so wearing a baby hat all day makes them hot, uncomfortable, sweating clog pores that make babies prone to scalp inflammation.

Wear layered clothes
This is one of the first things parents should keep in mind because wearing multi-layered clothes is extremely helpful for your baby during the summer.

The reason is that when your baby is moving at a hot outside temperature or in an air-conditioned environment in the house, he or she may still be uncomfortable with the change in temperature. Then, if your child wears multi-layered clothes, you will be able to easily remove them if they feel hot or wear more clothes if they are cold.

Protect children from sunlight

Because your baby’s skin is very sensitive, if your baby is exposed to too much sun, his skin will easily burn. Whenever putting children outdoors, remember to apply sunscreen to children about 15 minutes before. Pay special attention to exposed skin such as the face, scalp, neck, arms, legs and ears when applying sunscreen.

In addition to sunscreen, parents need to wear hats, sunglasses to protect the skin of children. This helps protect your baby’s skin from the sun while keeping the baby cool.

Notice the colors and materials for your baby’s summer outfit

Just like the clothes of adults, when wearing summer clothes for children, you should pay attention to wear summer clothes with good material and simple designs, as convenient as possible.

According to Quynh Anh – The Gioi Tre