Things parents need to know about their baby’s diaper

For young couples, especially first-time couples, taking care of young children is a new experience filled with happiness and many new things. The parents will be very surprised at how often they go to the toilet, as well as the number of disposable cloth diapers and diapers a day. According to statistics, in the first year of life a child can use up to 1000 disposable cloth diapers and diapers. The following article will introduce young couples who care for their children to better understand diapers and guide how to use diapers suitable for children to ensure their health and well-being. Baby’s aesthetics.

How many diapers and diapers a child will use every day?

Diapers (also known as diapers) are essential items that any baby is born need to use until 2-3 years old.

For infants and young children, the amount of diapers used will depend on how many times they go to the toilet. For example, under 10 days of age, babies only have poop in poop, this is not much, so parents only need to use cloth diapers or newborn pads. However, from 1 to 2 months of age, children will pee more and poop more, they can go “heavy” from 8 to 10 times a day. A cloth diaper can only be used after 1-3 times to pee, diapers can be used more than 4-5 times pee. If your baby only pee, mom can use diapers within 2-3 hours and diapers then 4-5 hours will change once. However, if the baby has a diaper, the parents need to change the diaper immediately to ensure hygiene for the baby’s skin. So on average each day a normal baby can use from 5 to 6 diapers depending on the number of toilet trips. On average, in the first year of life, a baby may need 1,000 different diapers.

What is the correct size of diapers and diapers?

The use of the correct size diapers makes your baby much more comfortable and comfortable, which is why mothers need to choose a suitable sized diaper. To buy a diaper with a standard size for your baby, you should ask a sales consultant. They will ask your child’s age and weight to give you the best advice. For example, if your child’s weight is 10.8kg, you should buy diaper 3, for babies weighing between 7.2kg and 12.6kg, buy diaper 4.
Some criteria for choosing diapers that mothers often tell are: Make sure the diaper fits snugly around the baby’s feet so that the baby will feel most comfortable when wearing diapers. If the diaper spills, the mother should consider changing the diaper or baby diaper size.

How to prevent and treat diaper rash in infants and young children?

Diaper rash is an allergic reaction when a baby wears a diaper (diaper and diaper) for too long or an improper diet.
When diaper rash, the baby’s skin will appear symptoms such as skin rash, redness appears on the abdomen, around the genitals, thighs, groin and buttocks. When changing diapers, diapers feel uncomfortable, crying every time changing diapers.


How to prevent diaper rash in children is also very simple, just a little attention parents will do immediately.

Parents should note:

Change your baby’s diaper more often than usual.
Let baby’s bottom dry out in the air while changing diapers and when possible, remove diapers for a while.
Scented solutions and deodorant soaps can irritate your baby’s skin, so use unscented, soothing soap and a warm cotton cloth to wipe your baby while changing diapers .
If you use wet paper towels, choose one that doesn’t contain perfumes, alcohol and chemicals.
When washing cloth diapers (or baby clothes), avoid using fabric softeners, antistatic products, or fragrant laundry soap. These products can intimidate and affect your baby’s immature skin.

To prevent diaper rash in young children, parents need to change baby diapers regularly and clean the baby’s skin


When babies have diaper rash, mothers need to detect promptly and quickly treat them in the following ways:

Using an over-the-counter zinc oxide cream can soothe a baby’s skin.
Using a mild cream containing zinc oxide or mineral jelly (petroleum jelly) can reduce irritation and allergic reactions.

If your baby has a diaper rash due to an infection (usually caused by a staph or strepbacteria) that causes redness and blistering, parents need to calmly take the child to the hospital for examination and treatment with antibiotics. If your baby has a diaper rash due to a fungal infection, your doctor may recommend over-the-counter anti-fungal creams.

How to prevent baby’s urine and stool from leaking when using diapers?

A baby’s diaper may leak for various reasons such as inappropriate size or improper parenting.
If your baby is 2 weeks old or younger, the fear of touching the umbilical cord is the main reason why diapers do not fit your baby well. At this point, you need to check that the diaper fits well below the base of the umbilical cord, because in some cases, parents are afraid of affecting the baby’s umbilical cord without having to fit the sensitive part of the body. this feeling.
If the diaper is too big or too small, you need to adjust the size of the diaper so it will fit your baby’s body better.
For a baby’s diaper, putting the tip of his penis upwards is the reason for him to have a pee. Now you need to point your baby’s penis head down when wearing diapers.
Diapers are an important and indispensable item for babies and children. To use diapers properly, without affecting the health and comfort of children, parents should choose diaper products with criteria such as: Prestigious products on the market, easy to use, click The size fits your weight and height so that you feel most comfortable even when wearing a diaper for a long day.