Skin care notes for newborn babies

Do you know that the newborn baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, so it is easy to get injured and infected? The stage of birth is an important time for your baby to get used to the world around them. Therefore, moms need to pay attention to create an environment soothing and safe, absolutely safe for babies like when they are in the womb so that babies can be more adaptable. Mom should note the following points to care and protect the baby’s skin properly!

Proper baby skin hygiene

The first few hours of birth: a baby’s skin has an ivory-white coating, which is the epidermis that peels off the epidermis, which protects, protects and nourishes the baby’s skin; It helps the body to reduce heat loss and has an immune effect, so do not wash immediately, but must wait after 24 – 48 hours to clean. During this stage, just clean the blood and secretions sticking on the baby only. Before contacting with the baby, the mother should also pay attention to hand hygiene
Mom should also note that bathing too often can dry your baby’s skin. Between baths, to keep baby’s face and hands clean, moms should wipe with a soft cloth or cotton pad soaked in warm water. The water is warm at 35 – 370C and the room temperature is more than 250C, you should find a position without drafts (especially in the North). When taking a shower, she avoids putting water in her ears and navel. And when washing your baby’s genitals, wash from front to back to avoid getting excreted into the urinal. Especially the first products that come into contact with your baby’s skin such as clothes, pants, hats, diapers or pads need to be carefully prepared to ensure your baby’s safety.

Parents need to be very careful when shopping for babies.

Protect your baby’s skin with safe products
Using clothes with a good material like cotton helps to sweat, ventilation to avoid heat rash, skin infections caused by bacterial fungus, …
For newborn babies, the first contact with the world outside the mother’s arms is also baby skin care products, choose products with a soft, soothing surface from cotton baths, towels and specials. Especially newborn diapers to create comfort and ensure absolute safety for immature skin.
For newborn diapers, this is a product that needs to be carefully selected by moms because diapers come into contact with baby’s skin almost all day to protect babies from liquids. When choosing a diaper, don’t rely on the tip of an acquaintance only because your mother understands the smallest skin. If you are surprised by the different types of diapers and styles, you can choose based on the following criteria:
The diaper must be very soft, soothing for baby skin because newborn skin is very thin and immature, sensitive to adult skin up to 30%.
Good absorbency, protects the baby’s skin from daily waste, giving the baby a pleasant and comfortable feeling
Have a medical certificate to help prevent diaper rash
Soft material does not cause scratches, safe with the baby’s very sensitive skin.
Designed to help air circulate easily, creating airy and dry space.
Mother should also pay attention to avoid trauma and strong touches on the baby’s skin because it will cause damage, abrasions and skin abrasion, which makes babies more susceptible to skin diseases.
The baby’s skin is thin and not yet fully developed, so a mother should consider and do not abuse the skin care products. It is best to avoid products containing dyes and fragrances, strong detergents, which can cause an allergic reaction. Especially for products that have been in contact with babies for a long time, such as diapers or pads, moms should choose products that are certified medical.
Breastfeeding is because breast milk is a soothing product for babies, in addition to avoiding the risk of cow’s milk allergy, breast milk also helps your baby develop a good immune system.