Tips of skin care for newborns

Mother knows that newborn skin is very fragile and sensitive because the skin’s protective barrier is 30% thinner than adults. Moreover, baby skin is also easier to dehydrate, dry and more sensitive if the mother does not care properly.

Here are some skin care things for babies “think right and wrong” mothers should note!

FALSE: Bathing only with water or taking a leaf bath is enough

RIGHT: Use products designed specifically for babies’ skin

Bathing your baby only with cool boiled water, practically unable to remove all the stains that easily lead to clogged feet, can cause dermatitis for children. Some mothers apply folk methods such as bathing leaves, typically such as clove leaves, star fruit leaves … in the hope of helping children cool, clean skin, reduce heat rash. However, in fact, if you just boil the leaves, your baby’s skin will be exposed to the millions of substances in the leaves, sometimes pesticides.

Therefore, to both clean and protect the immature skin of the baby in the first months of life, the mother should use infant shampoo, soap, no irritant, soothing with Neutral pH, does not sting eyes and particularly good moisturizing ability.

Baby skin can only be fully protected when using infant shampoos

FALSE: No need to apply moisturizer to children

RIGHT: Baby moisturizer should be applied to maintain moisture and avoid dehydration through the skin

Baby skin looks soft but it’s actually 2 times more dehydrated than adults. Therefore, in addition to the thin protective layer in shower gel, moisturizing milk will help retain and maintain moisture to prevent baby’s skin from drying out and avoiding dehydration through the skin not only in the winter, but even when the baby is usually Regularly located air conditioning, cool fan.

Studies have concluded that daily moisturizing in the first weeks of life reduces risk

Atopic atopic dermatitis (Source: Horimukai K et aI.J Allergy Clin Immunol and Simpson EL et aI.J Allergy Clin Immunol)

FALSE: Skin care for babies with natural oils, not of clear origin

RIGHT: Skin care for babies with products suitable for young children skin with reputable brands, clear origin.

Natural oils like olive oil, mustard oil, etc. contain a lot of oleic acid – an acid that can damage a child’s healthy skin, causing contact dermatitis or atopic atopic dermatitis.

Therefore, choosing the first skin care product for your baby is very important, not only supports natural fat, enhances the barrier function for the skin, but also increases the amount of water. , maintains moisture for baby’s skin.

If using appropriate moisturizing oil for children, their skin will be supported with natural fat, enhance the function of the skin barrier effectively, while increasing the amount of water in the skin (Source: Cork and et al. 2006)

So what are the safety criteria of a baby skin care product? To identify that product is safe, you need to see the license or specific research evidence of the product.