Handle dirty diapers properly

Most parents dispose of dirty diapers improperly. Simply putting your baby’s dirty diaper in the trash is an unkind act.

According to the American Association of Public Health, throwing dirty diapers in trash can cause sanitation workers to face health risks and easily contaminate groundwater caused by dangerous bacteria. Stool-spreading bacteria like polio and hepatitis can live in the stool for months after they leave the human body, making people exposed to faeces on dirty diapers at higher risk. So, don’t forget the habit of throwing dirty diapers properly!

You need to clean the diapers before throwing them in the trash.

Here are 4 steps to remove a dirty paper diaper

1 / If possible, remove all waste from dirty diapers and place it in the toilet. Use baby wipes or paper towels to remove waste. Discharge waste into the toilet.

2 / Roll dirty diaper, clean area facing out. Use tape to close the diaper.

3 / Put diapers in special dirty diaper containers. This type of bin has the same handling capacity as the bin, however, it is designed to eliminate odors. If you do not have one and have to throw your diaper in a regular garbage, put the diaper in the small garbage bag at first to eliminate the smell and the potential for diaper contact. Put diapers in the outdoor trash of your home to prevent dirty odors from contaminating the living space.

4 / Transfer the pretreated dirty diapers to an outdoor trash can with a lid at the time of arrival.

Tip: If you are unable to remove the diaper waste or need to change your baby’s diaper in case they are outside and not near a toilet, put dirty diapers, put them in a small bag and place them in an outdoor trash can. Always wash your hands with soap and water or disinfect your hands after changing diapers!