With the motto “Give real value to the sustainable development of the Enterprise and happiness to each family”. VINATOKEN’s products are always aimed at real benefits when reaching customers.


We are connected with many suppliers, who have leading experience in the nonwoven fabric market and constantly support us in providing a wide range of quality products that meet international standards..


With a solid financial position and competitive advantages from well-established distribution channels, VINATOKEN step by step creates various products to satisfy not only the Vietnamese market but also the Foreign region.


System The factory follows the Quality Control Process with CE, ISO, FDA and ETC certifications. VINATOKEN always complies with the Regulations and produces products with the best quality.


Our customer:
Businesses big or small,
Domestic and foreign enterprises, Individuals or suppliers. Coming to VINATOKEN, you will receive respectful and serious cooperation.


The non-woven fabric has an extremely fast water absorption rate of 0.5 seconds to 1 second along with its long-lasting water retention properties, which speeds up the production process. The fabric is soft, not ruffled and does not irritate the skin, suitable for all sensitive skin. Moderate fabric elasticity, diverse fabric composition with flexibly adjusted proportions to produce the most optimal non-woven fabric product.

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Non-woven fabrics produce products with outstanding advantages: very light weight, thin, porous; Non-woven fabrics do not pollute the environment, easy to decompose; Easy to print economically and without fading; No silk for softness.

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Sugar substitutes sweeten foods without adding calories or adding very little. This is very beneficial when you need to control your calorie intake, especially for patients with diabetes. Sugar substitutes are used in most “low-calorie” or “no-calorie” products today.

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Produced from natural wood pulp, has superior water absorption features of and is applied in life such as: Producing high-grade wet tissue, one-piece cold towel; Makeup remover towels; Mask paper; Antibacterial wet wipes for medical use…

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With positive contributions to the economy – society, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai – General Director of Vinatoken Company was honored to receive the award “A typical ASEAN Leader 2022”. “A typical ASEAN leader 2022” is a program that is held annually and alternately in Southeast Asian countries, evaluated and selected by the Vietnam Business Research and Development Center in collaboration with international organizations. Based on the criteria of entrepreneurs leading large enterprises, having important influence, creating welfare for employees and society, winning certificates of merit and certificates from economic and social organizations, … Chapter The program aims to encourage and promote strong brands as well as typical entrepreneurs with great reputation.

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Last April 23, 2022, at Military Theater – City. Ho Chi Minh City, Vinatoken Technology and Trading Co., Ltd. was honored in the top 10 “ASEAN Strong Brands 2022 – Asean Brands Award 2022” by the Asia Business Development Research Center in collaboration with the Industry Information Association. Asia – Organized by AIPA.
The award aims to honor prestigious Vietnamese brands that have made positive contributions to the country’s economy, honoring businesses that have achieved excellent results in improving product quality, service quality and competitiveness. and business performance, integration with new trends of the regional and world economy.

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On May 11, at Riverside Palace, Vinatoken Technology and Trading Co., Ltd held the 17th Anniversary of the Company’s establishment (May 11, 2005 – May 11, 2022) with the theme “Vinatoken 17 years old” – The mark of a journey”.
Vinatoken’s 17-year journey started from a supplier of nonwoven materials with the aspiration to lead the way, laying the first foundation for the leading nonwoven fabric industry in Vietnam. Despite facing many difficulties, from financial capacity to facilities and competitive pressure of the market, Vinatoken has overcome step by step to assert its brand and position, contributing to the success of Vinatoken. company and development.
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