On April 23rd, 2022, Vinatoken Technology and Trading Co., Ltd was honored in the top 10 “ASEAN Strong Brands 2022 – Asean Brands Award 2022” by the Asia Business Centre in collaboration with the Asia Ind’s Information Promote Association – AIPA organized the event which was held at Military Theater – Ho Chi Minh City.
The award honored the reputable Vietnamese brands which have made great contributions to the country’s economy and honored the enterprises that have achieved great accomplishment in improving product and service quality, competitiveness and operational efficiency, integrating with new trends of the regional and world economy.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai – Director General of Vinatoken has received the certificate
Top 10 “ASEAN Strong Brands 2022”

This was an appropriate award for the unremitting efforts of all employees who were working in VINATOKEN through its development and also affirmed the position of VINATOKEN brand as one of the leading brands in the nonwoven fabric industry in Vietnam.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lai – Director General of Vinatoken at the Announcement Ceremony
“ASEAN Strong Brand 2022”

VINATOKEN was established in 2005, after 17 years of its establishment and development, the company has become a strong brand in manufacturing, trading and importing all kinds of nonwoven materials and ancillary materials for the wet towel, healthcare sector, sweetener for food and beverage industry, etc. For 17 years of working in the main industry, we have understood the market demand to develop and invent the products which would deliver directly to our customers from the current materials. In order to guarantee the sustainable development of the company, all of our input materials achieved the international certifications of the “ASEAN Strong Brand 2022”.

The Certificate and the Gold Cup “ASEAN Strong Brand 2022”

In the difficult and struggling period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as a result of the proactive and flexible response and adapting for the situation and appropriate strategies in terms of market, business, new product development, etc. VINATOKEN kept its growth in revenue and profit in 2021. VINATOKEN not only maintained its steady production and business activities but also guaranteed the welfare for its employees and contributed to the fight against Covid-19.
As a result of achievements for nearly 17 years we strove, in 2022 Vinatoken has received many good assessments from associations. Receiving these awards is a proof of our customers’ trust and a great encouragement to VINATOKEN.