MISSION “To deliver optimal and sustainable value to the community”

For Customers: Providing benefits to customers through the highest quality products.

For Suppliers: Bringing value and profit to suppliers through our established reputation and transparent transactions over the past 17 years.

For Employees: Taking care of employees’ well-being by recognizing their meaningful contributions.

VISION “To become a leading non-woven fabric provider in Vietnam, expanding regionally and globally”

With our daily passion and creative work, we create exceptional value-driven products that align with our sustainable development strategy, aiming to take a leading position in the Vietnamese non-woven fabric market and expand globally.

Sustainable business orientation towards the environment. Vinatoken specializes in supplying raw materials for consumer goods, food, and medical industries, using environmentally friendly materials that meet international certifications of the industry.




BECOME A PARTNER WITH VINATOKEN 17 years of experience as one of the first non-woven fabric providers in Vietnam

Always listening, sharing, and improving product quality

With the mission of “Delivering optimal and sustainable value to the community,” VINATOKEN has been a supplier to businesses in more than 17 countries worldwide.




WHY CHOOSE US With 17 years of experience, Vinatoken has a presence throughout Vietnam and the world in non-woven fabric products, paper, sweeteners, and more. With a strong financial position and a competitive advantage created within our tightly integrated distribution system, from production to reaching consumers’ hands, we continuously innovate and perfect our products.

We have strict quality management systems in place and hold certifications for ISO, FDA, and GMP, ensuring the highest quality standards.