Meltblown non woven fabric and its applications

What is meltblown nonwoven fabric?

The meltblown nonwoven fabric is made of thermoplastic synthetic polymer, directly from the polymer stage to randomly-laid nonwoven mat or fabrics by using the melt-blown spinning process.

Rayson has 2 production lines for making meltblown non woven fabric. The width of our machines is 1.6m and 2.4m. The quality of our non woven melt blown fabric is BFE 95% and BFE 99%.


What are the applications of melt blown non woven polypropylene fabric?

Meltblown Nonwoven Filter Products

  • Mask filtering
  • Air purifier, an air conditioning filter
  • Filtration of fume and second-hand smoke
  • Car air filtration
  • Fabrication room filtration

Super Premium White Non Woven Fabric, GSM: 15-25 at Rs 122/kilogram in New  Delhi

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric for Thermal Insulation Products
Ski equipment, gloves: cold protection padding

Adsorption Products That Using Non Woven Melt Blown Fabric
River pollution prevention, environmental protection oil absorption, wipe cloth, etc.

The advantages of non woven meltblown fabric are the following:

  • Microfiltration; These non woven melt blown polypropylene fabrics are porous, thus allowing permeation of gases and adding to breathability. Melt blown cloth serves as a good barrier.
  • Sorbents; A sorbent is the property of fabric to absorb matter, particularly liquid. So, face masks containing a non woven fabricare the best to prevent oil contamination.
  • Increased strength; Meltblown adds greater strength and provides stability to face masks and makes them inflexible.
  • Temperature resistance; Melt blown helps keep face temperatures down by making the fabric able to neutralize any face heat while being worn.



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